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Surfboard Repair

High Quality, Lightweight, Professional Repairs. are done by a highly skilled staff. we will leave your board strong, solid and waterproof.  Optionally we can also color match and hide repairs to make it look like it never happened.


LST SURF can fix any ding any crack, hole, crease, buckle, fin box issue and even a fully snapped board.  in short, there is nothing we cannot fix contact us for more information or bring your board by the shop.


Price breakdown:

Starting at (size dependent)
Filler $5 per hole / Fiber $5 per hole / Hotcoat $5 per hole.

Bigger holes have a higher price, color matching is an additional extra


Contact us for  prices to fix creased(50$+) , buckled (70$+)  and snapped boards (90$+)


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